Oil Cooler Relocation Kit

Oil Cooler Relocation Kit for Yamaha Rhino 700:

This kit was developed for the immensely popular Yamaha Rhino 700, and moves the stock oil cooler to a MUCH more logical location on the frame rails in front of the air box. The relocation allows superior airflow to the radiator, and allows easy radiator cleaning after a ride. Precision machined from 6061T6 aluminum, it was designed as simply and aesthetically pleasing as possible, but offered at an exceptional price. Mounting is as simple as drilling 4 holes and rerouting the oil lines; which is made easy with the included brass fittings.

There are 2 kit versions available:

  • Kit 1 is the most economical version, and was designed for the rider who just wants the benefit of the oil cooler moved and does not plan on mounting a fan.
  • Kit 2 was designed for the rider that wishes to add more cooling capacity to the OEM oil cooler by adding a fan. Riders with modified motors may want to consider this kit. The fan can be added any time at the choosing of the customer.

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