Kit 1 Fan Mount Upgrade


This upgrades a Kit 1 to allow an aftermarket fan to be installed (effectively upgrading from Kit 1 to Kit 2). The kit was developed for the immensely popular Yamaha Rhino 700, and moves the stock oil cooler to a MUCH more logical location on the frame rails in front of the air box.

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Included in this kit upgrade are:

4 zip ties to refasten headlight wires.
Machined aluminum fan mount that integrates perfectly into the Oil cooler main mount.
Four 0.7 inch spacers to provide additional clearance for the fan.
All STAINLESS STEEL hardware needed to mount the kit AND the fan to your machine.

What you’ll need to complete the kit:
(These are better sourced locally to save money and allow customer to finish wiring/etc how they wish)

6 Feet of 3/8″ inside diameter transmission hose.
4 Hose clamps
Hand drill and basic tools
SPAL fan model 30103018 (Puller) or model 30103009 (Pusher). This very high quality, compact, economically priced, low amp draw unit is dust and water proof and perfect for this application.
You do not need to purchase fasteners to mount the fan. Stainless steel fasteners are included for the fan mount in kit 2.
Switch/wiring or Switch/wiring/relay of your choice.
Price on kit 1 upgrade is $ 45 and Shipping is FREE.


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